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Roasted Shark Recipe

The Johnny Canuck Cafe is going to be serving up some tasty Shark dishes in the coming week! I am very Ben Eager to try them out! Here is a sample of the culinary magic.

First take a look around the Andrew Desjardin and gather up some fresh veggies. Place Shark in a Scott Nichol pot with 8 ounces of Anti Niemi. Light your dried up Kyle Wellwood, place your pot over direct Danny Heatley and Eric Clowe’s the lid. Bring to a Dan Boyle then simmer on low until Shark turns Ian White Serve with some Devin Eggs Setuguchi, Vlasic pickle spears and a nice glass of Patrick Marleau.

For dessert, brew up a hot cup of Joe Thorton and add 2 oz of Jamie McGinn.

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