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Roasted Shark Recipe

The Johnny Canuck Cafe is going to be serving up some tasty Shark dishes in the coming week! I am very Ben Eager to try them out! Here is a sample of the culinary magic.

First take a look around the Andrew Desjardin and gather up some fresh veggies. Place Shark in a Scott Nichol pot with 8 ounces of Anti Niemi. Light your dried up Kyle Wellwood, place your pot over direct Danny Heatley and Eric Clowe’s the lid. Bring to a Dan Boyle then simmer on low until Shark turns Ian White Serve with some Devin Eggs Setuguchi, Vlasic pickle spears and a nice glass of Patrick Marleau.

For dessert, brew up a hot cup of Joe Thorton and add 2 oz of Jamie McGinn.

Review Blue – Make $5 just by writing a review

I have become a big fan of reading reviews for everything online before I make a purchase. There are so many websites out there that you can share your opinion on. I use www.tripadvisor.com a lot when I travel for hotel reviews and to find good restaurants and activities in the destination I am headed to. I have written reviews for them in the past. I also use www.cnet.com for all the gadgets I am looking to buy and for anything else, a quick search on Google will always direct you to a forum where you can read reviews on everything from socks, to fitness equipment to cookware. Anyone can log in and share their thoughts. But you don’t often get paid for doing so.

www.reviewblue.com is a website that actually pays you to write reviews. All you need to do is open an account, fill in where you want your payments made and start reviewing. I have written 10 reviews so far and made $50! Simply keep your receipt from either a hotel overnight stay or a meal out at a restaurant where you at least had an entrĂ©e, write your review scan in your receipt and submit. Once you have 5 reviews they will deposit $25 into your account. The crazy part is that the review itself only needs to be “more than one sentence in length” You can only review a particular restaurant once unless it is the same brand but a different location.

So when you go out for dinner tuck away the receipt after jotting down a couple of points from your experience. Then when you get 5, sit down and write them up. I did 5 reviews in an hour and got $25 for it. Not bad for sharing your opinion.