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Get Your Kids in Sports!

This year my daughter, Maia joined the Steve Nash Basketball League. After a number of years playing baseball, which doesn’t require much running and soccer, where she played in goal a lot, I was thrilled that she was wanting to play a sport that required more extensive cardio. When I learned that she would be playing on a team with mostly boys I was concerned about how much she would like it. Like her father, she was not born with much in the way of “natural” athletic talent so I was wondering how her confidence would be affected. Everything both of us have ever accomplished in sports has been earned through practice and determination coupled with an acceptance that it’s okay not to be the best kid on the team. I’ve always told her, as long as you bust your butt and contribute in the best way you know how, you have fulfilled you part as a teammate.

Along with so many others, I believe that playing team sports as a child is one of the most crucial life experience building blocks that you could ever provide your child with. Now I am not a doctor or psychologist but here is a list of reasons why you should make team sports part of your child’s life.

  • Playing sports is fun. It allows your child to work with a group of their peers towards a common goal and gives them something enjoyable to look forward to every week.
  • Kids that play sports are more likely to have a positive body image, higher self-esteem and be more physically fit.
  • Kids involved in sports are less likely to take drugs or smoke because they realize the impact that these destructive activities can have upon their performance.
  • Physical activities are a good way to relieve stress and reduce depression.
  • Sports help kids develop discipline. They learn to set goals and then work to achieve those goals. They learn that by working hard they can accomplish the things that they want to in their lives.
  • Kids who play sports quickly learn that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. They learn to be a good sport in both situations. It also helps them learn to deal with disappointment and move on.
  • A quick internet search tells me that, according to statistics, kids who are involved in sports while in high school are more likely to experience academic success and graduate from high school.
  • Sports help develop teamwork and leadership skills. Kids quickly learn that they have to work together as a team to win the game.
  • Motor skills, strategic thinking, endurance and even math skills are learned by playing sports. Math skills are used as they calculate scores and stats. (Just ask my 7 y.o. son what combination of football scores you need to get 46 points!)
  • Regular exercise increases quality of life. A child who exercises is more likely to continue the practice into adulthood.

The team my daughter played for was extremely fortunate to be coached by two very talented individuals who both seem to enjoy every last minute they spent with the co-ed team of 12 year-olds. With their passion and knowledge of the game it quickly became clear to me that this was the best possible scenario for my daughter, as this was her first year playing basketball and she knew very little about the game. The husband and wife dynamic duo were super supportive and gave Maia the confidence she needed to compete. Every game she played in she got a little bit better and a little bit more confident. At the beginning of the season her skills were limited and she made many mistakes but she was busting her butt and giving 100% every game and that made me proud. She looked forward to every practice and game with amazing enthusiasm. As the season came to a close her abilities had improve substantially along with her confidence!!

Her team finished tied for first over all during the regular season with a 10-2 record. They then played a two game playoff and lost their first game in a thrilling overtime match-up that had all of the parents on the edge of their seats. Tonight was the final game and they won in convincing fashion, finishing 3rd in the league. For many of the kids this is it for the season but Maia was given an opportunity to continue on for another month with an all girls team and she jumped at it. This was music to my ears as it proves she wasn’t just in it for the boys! Thank you to Coach Mike and Coach Christine! You guys are awesome!

Kokanee is my Ex.

In one of their recent beer commercials, Rickard’s really hit the nail on the ‘head’ when they coined the phrase, “It’s like getting punched in the mouth with flavour”. I wholeheartedly agree! Beer is delicious. Nothing tastes better ice cold on a hot sunny day. I LOVE beer… or should I say some beer.

Having worked in the restaurant industry for a number of years I have had the opportunity to sample many varieties of beer. The one thing that I have learned about myself is that I have a very limited palette when it comes to anything that isn’t a basic lager. As I think back, I would say that I haven’t been very monogamous to my beer. In fact my relationships with beer have been like a dating teenager. Stay with me on this…

When I started dating I went out with the first girl that said yes. Her name was Canadian and by my standards at the time, she was easy on the eye. She was sweet and new and the more I hung around her the more I enjoyed dating. Then one day I met her best friend, Kokanee. She was slightly better looking and I loved the bright blue dress she always wore. We secretly spent sometime together behind Canadian’s back and finally one day I made my commitment to Kokanee. I gently broke it off with Canadian and haven’t seen her since.

Kokanee was great. We spent a lot of time hanging out and made lots of memories. I enjoyed her consistency and the fact that she was born in the same province as me. I was at a party one night with Kokanee and I was all over her all night. So much so I kinda lost my mind and ended up making out with these too hot foreigners, Stella and Heineken. I woke up the next day and I was confused. So many mixed feelings. I had never dated a foreigner like Stella. I considered her expensive taste, her skunky breath and her green exterior but I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. After dating for over a year Stella and I finally got married. She became very clingy as time went on and I started to get fed up with all of the things that I was blind to when we first met. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I got fed up and left after a heated argument foamed over. Later that same night I found myself sitting in a local pub chatting with some guy named Miller and who walks in but Kokanee. She looked amazing and she was freezing cold. We talked until the place closed down and the bartender Jose kicked us out. The next thing I knew I was back at her place. I thought we were gonna get carbonated but as it turned out she had a yeast infection.

Stella and I went our own ways. It was an amicable split and we are still friends. Kokanee and I fell right back into our old relationship and it was comfortable. The years flew by and life was good. Then one day I picked her up after work and for some strange reason she just wasn’t herself. She tasted different when I kissed her. Then without any notice she left. I waited for her to come back but it never happened. I tried to forget her but it was a real struggle. I had a few flings with some darker girls, Honey, Amber and Red to name a few but I just couldn’t get that loving feeling back. It got to the point that I was starting questioning my sexuality. On a wild night with my friend Grey Goose I hooked up with a guy named Alexander Keith. It was weird at first but as time went on I could see we were a good fit together. Alexander and I have been together ever since.

Okay well that was fun!  And taken in a not so literal context, it’s all true. This was all inspired by a friend of mine that is really into the micro brews. He feels that because he likes Peach Amber Ale by Tin Whistle, Irish Cream Ale by Bowen Island Brewing and Blackberry Porter by Cannery Brewing that it makes him more of a “beer drinker” than me. To me, if he really likes beer that is made to taste like something other than beer then perhaps he should reconsider their stance on the topic. I like beer that tastes like beer. I don’t add Clamato to it and I don’t squeeze an orange into it. Heck, I don’t even like a lime with my Corona!