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Come on…Live a Little! (longer?)

As I sit here typing this I consider the fact that the alarm beside my bed is already set to wake me in just 4.5 hours from now for another glorious day of grinding away to make that almighty dollar. I have always been a night owl due to the fact that I have worked shift work my whole life. I have also proven time and time again that I simply don’t require the 8 – 10 hours sleep a night that many other need to function.

Here is my theory on sleeping less. Medical society will tell you not in so many words that if you get a “good night’s sleep” of 8 – 9 hours then there is a better chance that you will live a longer life than those that only sleep 4-5 hours a night. But ya see here is the catch, you may have lived to an older age, but really how much are you living when you are asleep?

If I live to the age of 70 having averaged 5.5 hours of sleep a night and my lovely wife sleeps an average of 9 hours a night and lives to the age of 80 I still would have technically enjoyed more “awake hours” on this lovely planet of ours than she did. Really! I did the math 3.5hours/day X 365.25 days/year X 70 years divided by 365.25 days = 10.21 years! That being said I suppose there is that time when you are a kid and you sleep a lot more but then there are those times a a crazy teen that you pull those all-nighters to. Oh well its just a theory! Sweet dreams people.